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Primary and Secondary Teacher Training within the Leeds area

The GORSE SCITT has a highly successful track record of developing outstanding secondary school teachers. We have excellent rates of employment for our graduates both within our alliance schools and also elsewhere in the Yorkshire region and beyond. Our alliance is made up of excellent schools, all based a close radius of south and central Leeds, with various convenient transport links: Our Core Secondary schools are The Morley Academy (the Lead School), Bruntcliffe Academy, Cockburn School, The Farnley Academy and The Ruth Gorse Academy but we work also with host schools where quality of provision has been previously proven such as Whitcliffe Mount.

We are delighted to be working with The White Rose Academies Trust. Their School Direct activity, led from Leeds West Academy, has an excellent track record of producing first rate trained teachers so we believe this Alliance will allow us to together produce a generation of outstanding teachers.

Our Primary Partnership is based around The Hillcrest Academy, Ryecroft Academy, Morley Newlands Academy, Bankside Primary School and Middleton Primary School, but we will draw down upon existing Secondary and other partners such as The Morley Academy, Cockburn School, The Farnley Academy and The West SILC to support this new venture.

All of the schools in our partnership have a track record of outstanding and transformational provision for young people and a strong commitment to developing outstanding future teaching professionals. Our school placements offer experience of the real world of education in schools where excellence is modelled and supported. This ensures a solid foundation for your development towards Qualified Teacher Status and a successful teaching career.

Across our partner schools there are many Subject Experts, Specialist Leaders of Education, Advanced Skills Teachers, Trained Coaches and Mentors and Outstanding Leaders to support and guide you through your first year in teaching.

The PGCE Programme lasts the academic year from September to July. You will train in two school placements within our Teaching School Alliance, across two key stages. Whichever phase you wish to train in, we offer extensive enhancement opportunities in all Primary and Secondary, Post-16, EAL, SEND and Alternative Provision settings.

Our present 2017-2018 cohort is made up of 121 trainee teachers working across the whole partnership and range of subjects.

Testimonials from colleagues we have trained over the last three years can be read in our “Success Stories” section.