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Economics and Business Studies with QTS and PGCE

GORSE SCITT Leeds Secondary are delighted to announce a new course from September 2022 – Economics and Business Studies with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).  On this course you will train to become an outstanding teacher of both business studies and economics focussing on the 14 to 19 age range (Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5). 

 The structure of the course focusses heavily on a school and college centred approach to teacher training, which is the essence of the SCITT route.  You will spend most of your week on placement in school or college, while attending central training and subject specific training, both for one afternoon a week.  Our subject specific training is run by expert teachers of business and economics from The Gorse Academies Trust or one of our highly valued partner schools. 

During the study of Economics our young people will learn often about competitive markets, macroeconomics, production, cost and revenue, the labour market, wealth distribution, financial markets and the international economy.  During the study of Business our young people will often learn about performance (marketing, operational, financial and human resource), strategic decision making and strategic analysis.  You will receive expert training on the pedagogy and teaching techniques of all aspects of the Economics and Business Studies qualifications. 

 You will experience a minimum of two placements across a wide range of schools and colleges within the Leeds City area.  A full list of our placement schools and colleges can be found here. 

 While on placement you will observe and teach classes while being guided by expert teachers and a dedicated subject mentor.  Economics and Business Studies teaching takes place at Key Stage 4 (14-16, GCSE level) as well as at post-16  (16-19, A-level). 

 Of course, GORSE SCITT still offers the pure Business Studies with QTS and PGCE course, which you can learn about by clicking here. 

What our Trainees say – James Quinn (Business Studies with QTS and PGCE) 

“My journey as a Business Studies trainee with the GORSE SCITT has been amazing. Business is such a real to life subject, and it has been incredibly motivating to witness how my previous industry knowledge can translate to the classroom. With the help and guidance of experienced mentors, I have been able to produce exciting and relatable lessons that stimulate high levels of engagement from groups of passionate young people. Getting my classes so keen to know more about the business world around them has made my training journey much easier to manage. 

The subject specific training sessions have been endlessly beneficial, utilising the experience of exceptional Business Studies teachers to learn how to teach the most complex topics with relative ease. Business is a subject that allows for real creativity and my subject lead has helped me towards mastering the curriculum, providing me with the confidence I need to move forward in my teaching career.” 

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