With GORSE SCITT cohort 2019-20 graduating last week, our Trainees continue to share their highlights of their training year and look back at some of their favourite moments. One of our recently graduated Art and Design Trainees, Rachel, shares her feedback on her year with us.

The training year is rapidly ending, and it seems to have disappeared in a flash! With new space to reflect, I am looking back on what has been quite a journey.  We have covered so much ground in developing lesson plans, marking and assessing, curriculums, CPDs, lectures, essays, supported teaching practise, enrichment days, subject knowledge development, listening to visiting speakers, visiting Trust schools through from KS2 to KS5, to recall just a few of the events of this year.  We have even continued through the extraordinary times of a global pandemic which has impacted heavily on our daily lives, schools and students.

I would like to thank the GORSE SCITT leaders and all the staff, in many departments, for all their help, high standards, hard work, professionalism, high calibre teaching and administration, guidance, kindness, respect, safety, sense of fun and community. I don’t know how you do it. It has been a truly outstanding year.  I have always wanted to be a teacher and I am so happy that I trained with you. I was a bit nervous to start with being a mature student, but I’m so glad I took the plunge.  I would not hesitate to recommend teacher training with GORSE SCITT to others.

Thank you for the endless support and opportunities that you have given not just me but the whole cohort of 2020, to develop ourselves and our practise. I am enriched by this experience and I will take away treasured memories of this year, along with new friends and colleagues, new skills and I will endeavour to give it all back tenfold, to the students I teach in this revered and rewarding profession. It has been a great year.

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