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Through practical exploration of Drama Practitioners, colleagues are enriched with strategies to teach Drama theory to students in interesting and engaging ways. Breaking down the theories of Konstantin Stanislavski, Antonin Artaud, and the theatre company Frantic Assembly for instance, Drama trainees experiment with ways of delivering content to suit all learners, including our most able and most vulnerable. In addition to this, they are given the chance to create resources and learning banks, building materials such as course support booklets to aid their teaching.

In previous years Drama Trainees have enjoyed creating videos of their own practical exploration, demonstrating skills and techniques used by Frantic Assembly for instance. Others have recorded exemplar performances of script extracts; Berkoff’s Metamorphosis for example. The intention here is to create resources that can be used when teaching to enhance student learning. Having a bank of strong ‘demonstrations’ can help students to key into style, genre or content.

Wider reading is at the heart of the course, with trainees being encouraged to research and discover aspects of Drama that will inspire creative and workable ‘Schemes of Work’ and lesson plans.

Alongside practical experimentation and investigation, trainees are given the chance to learn and apply pedagogy. Vital areas such as planning, behaviour management and personalisation, to name but three, are explored during theory based Subject Knowledge sessions. Schemes of work and lesson plans will be analysed, and trainees will be provided with exemplars to support them. Ultimately, they will create their own Schemes, again building their resource bank in preparation for future teaching.

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