As part of our Primary with Maths teacher training here at GORSE SCITT, our trainees engaged in a full day session focused on Mastery in Key Stage 1 Maths led by the fantastic practitioners at the White Rose Maths Hub. This type of training was a fantastic enhancement in addition to the two days training per week you receive with GORSE SCITT across all subjects by our leading professionals.

The course was absolutely fantastic. We were provided with so many different examples of using manipulatives to enhance the learning of young people, and all of the skills taught were transferable to KS2. The course also provided us with a number of brilliant methods of hooking pupils at the start of a lesson – for example, starting a maths lesson with a maths-related story. This was one neither of us would have thought about before! Altogether a fantastic day – many thanks to the SCITT for providing this valuable opportunity for us!

James Nehaul (Primary with Maths Trainee) 

I attended a KS1 teaching for mastery course with the White Rose Maths hub. The training focused on how we can ensure top quality teaching which will ultimately lead to the progression of all students. Understanding how a question can be broken down into different elements and represented in a visual way has given me food for thought, and I can really see how this will impact upon the development of students. Specifically, from this training I will be looking at how I can develop my own practice as a maths teacher in KS2. This training day was incredibly insightful and I shall look forward to seeing the impacts of this on my own teaching. I can’t wait to feedback and share this with fellow colleagues, both primary and secondary, at GORSE SCITT.

Grace Warren (Primary with Maths Trainee)

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