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Geography is a multi-faceted subject and consists of interconnected disciplines, namely, social, economic, scientific, environmental, geo-political and religious as such it is important for us as geography teachers to remain current and contemporary, using examples from the real world to illustrate geographical concepts. It is important to dedicate ourselves to keeping fully up to date with current affairs by reading newspapers, watching the news and relevant documentaries. Our focus on sustainability is unrelenting and I constantly endorse the importance of preserving the planet for future generations within my teaching. Fieldwork is such a critical element of our subject. Constantly seek opportunities to take students out of the classroom and into ‘the field’ – always remember there are no boundaries!

Within our Geography subject knowledge sessions, we very much focus on the development and enhancement of subject knowledge, examination rubric and teaching & learning. We focus on identifying areas of subject knowledge that trainees have identified as being areas for development. This is done so within the context of the national curriculum and Key Stage 4 specifications to ensure that knowledge can be effectively imparted onto students, who can in turn apply this knowledge successfully. Moreover, there is a recognition that many trainees will go on to secure placements or employment in Post-16 settings and therefore readying trainees for the demands of Key Stage 5 teaching is also reflected within our course. It is also important to us that trainees leave every session with tangible activities that can then be implemented within their lesson planning. Geography is a dynamic subject and so keeping well informed about current affairs and global events is also a common theme throughout our sessions.

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