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The reason for teaching history in schools is not so pupils can use it for making something else, or to change or preserve a particular form of society, or even to expand the economy. The reason for teaching history is not that it changes society, but changes pupils; it changes what they see in the world, and how they see it.” We are living in history. To give students a lens from the past to view the modern day through is as important as it ever has been.

Our vision as future History teachers and leaders focuses on explaining the world as it is by investigating the world as it was, in a curious, ambitious and challenging way. Furthermore, we continually strive to build our knowledge and understanding and that of our pupils encompassing a spine of British History whilst exploring Global and local scales all the while contesting the nature of History. We continually aspire to develop in our students disciplinary thinking and questioning, viewing the past from multifaceted perspectives. We aim to craft a rich, broad structured understanding of the past so that pupils who we teach History become fully rounded citizens who understand themselves, the world around them and their place within it. We strive to hone pupils’ historical knowledge, fan their curiosity so that we strengthen their communication to support forming their own identity to empower them to question and challenge.

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