It’s Official: We are Outstanding!

At the end of February 2023, GORSE SCITT underwent a four day inspection process conducted by Ofsted. We are delighted to announce the outcome of the inspection:

GORSE SCITT received an Outstanding judgment in every area: Overall Effectiveness, Quality of Education and Leadership and Management.

You can find the full inspection report here:


Key Quotes

Below are some key quotes from the report that captures the essence of our programme and what we stand for here at GORSE SCITT:

  • The training course at GORSE SCITT is outstanding. Leaders have plotted with meticulous care exactly when and where trainees should receive specific information and experiences.
  • The determination that all pupils should receive the best education, regardless of background, pervades all aspects of the course.
  • Many trainees are attracted to the SCITT by the clear moral purpose, evident at every level, that leaders outline.
  • Leaders’ plans for bespoke experiences in the final phase of training mean that trainees get exactly the training that they need in readiness to enter the profession.
  • One school leader described GORSE SCITT as ‘the best SCITT we currently, or have ever, worked with’.

  • Across the primary and secondary age-phases and the wide range of partner schools, trainees whom inspectors spoke with were unanimous in their praise for the quality of training.
  • Leaders’ willingness to seek and listen to feedback from trainees means that the training is constantly being refined and improved.
  • This relentless drive to be better underpins leaders’ ambition to provide the best quality of teachers to the regions in which they work.
  • SCITT leaders are keen to ensure that they hear other voices and bring in expertise wherever they can find it. Course subject leaders are drawn from schools across the partnership.
  • The end result of leaders’ exceptional approach is that trainees are well prepared to teach the age-phase and subjects in which they have been trained.

Many thanks to all our trainees and partner schools who work so hard to ensure that our provision never stands still, is continually evolving and improving, ensuring we train professionals to become the very best teachers they can be. Teachers who will go on and change the lives of the young people they teach!