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Teachers of mathematics are central to ensuring that young people gain mathematical skills to be successful in post 16 education, training and employment as well as numeracy life skills. There isn’t a single career, study or universal principle that isn’t governed by the laws of mathematics. Whether a young person wishes to start their own business, to those who wish to become aeronautical engineers, the language of mathematics is something all young people need to be fluent in.

During Maths subject knowledge sessions, trainees will explore the broad mathematics curriculum, at primary, secondary and post-16 levels of education. They will develop the skills and knowledge to plan sequences of lessons that build upon their students prior learning. Sessions will explore examination rubric, assessment strategies, iterative learning opportunities, the application of maths in contexts, predicting and addressing misconceptions and development of trainees own subject knowledge. This provides trainee teachers with confidence and knowledge to fully support young people to thrive while learning mathematics and feel prepared for final examinations.

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