May Trainee Update

Half term 5 appears to be our busiest yet! Trainees have had a vast range of experiences and input from our experts and many subjects have been out and about.

Our science trainees have been to The Deep to understand how the educational and research centre delivers high quality teaching to students on themes such as ecology and conservation. Trainees modelled how a lesson on carbon costs could be delivered. The teaching leader at The Deep covered the curriculum they use and the activities they deploy with students across a range of ages.

Geography trainees have been learning about the importance of geography fieldwork. Trainees were required to plan their own geographical fieldwork activity based on a specific enquiry question that they chose to investigate. They then went ‘into the field’ to engage with the fieldwork activities before returning to the classroom to analyse our results, come to some geographical conclusions and evaluate these techniques.

Art trainees have been displaying their creativity yet again whilst learning about clay and glazing. Liquid glaze is painted onto the clay mugs before biscuit firing in the kiln.

RE trainees have visited Hindu and Buddhist temples to learn about the nuances of worship and how to prepare students for trips.

Maths trainees went to Maths City in Leeds with the aim of passing on to students an appreciation of the power and importance
of mathematics as a tool for understanding the world in which we live.

The GORSE SCITT choir have been out and about performing; this time, at Elliot Hudson College (EHC) singing for staff and students alike for a ‘lunchtime live’ concert. EHC regularly hosts live music Mondays, where students, staff and guest musicians perform at lunchtime in the auditorium; there is a really nice atmosphere to these informal performances, as the doors are left open to the food hall so that the music can drift out to entice in the crowds.

Staff and trainees have been selling homemade cakes to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, Leeds Mind and Alcohol Change UK. These are all charities that we are supporting by running the Leeds 10K in June.

Training has been delivered, once again, by our wonderful experts. Gareth Davies (Director of Teacher Development) delivered a very inspiring session on school trips. Trainees were left feeling as though they could conquer the world and plan the most ambitious of experiences for their young people. Amy Pogson (Assistant Principal and Leader of Citizenship and PSHE) enlightened us all about just how we can embed Fundamental British Values into our teaching and interactions with students. We learned about the transition from Year 6 to secondary school from the wonderful Nikki Ryder (Partnership Director for SEND). Our in house team of experts have been delivering session on Homework, Communicating with Parents and Preparing Students for External Examinations.

Link tutors have been into school observing trainees for their final time before we look at awarding Qualified Teacher Status. We have also been celebrating job success as many more of our trainees secure employment for next year.

I think we can say with confidence that the half term break was well earnt, and we are very much looking forward to half term 6 which will finish with graduation!