“Music is the divine way to tell beautiful, poetic things to the heart.”

Pablo Casals

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All secondary trainees receive 2 hours of subject training per week, led by a highly experienced subject leader, who has a strong track-record of outstanding results in schools in the GORSE Academies Trust. Music is the target language of learning in our Subject Knowledge sessions, and we hold this principle at the heart of everything we do. Our sessions are practical, as is the core nature of our subject. Our key aim is to inspire the next
generation of music educators by reminding them of how it feels to be a pupil in an engaging and stimulating musical environment. We spend our year together building musical skills, widening and deepening our knowledge of all areas of our expansive subject, and generally immersing ourselves in the joy of music-making.

You will spend one afternoon a week together immersed in music-based training. These sessions are led by the Music Subject Lead, who has spent almost two decades working in music education, across seven different schools, in both secondary and primary phases. As well as using key pieces of evidence-based research to underpin the content of our sessions, we also go out into partner schools as a subject cohort; this allows us to put our theoretical knowledge into practice with students.

Our trainees come from a wonderfully diverse range of musical backgrounds and experiences, and we use this to our advantage by sharing and learning from each other throughout the course. We look at every aspect of the school-based musical experience including performing, composing and appraising, as well as subject-led approaches to central educational issues, such as behaviour for learning through musical engagement. Whether we are rapping the register or learning traditional West African drumming and dance, a willingness to get involved will ensure you make the most of your year with us. You will end the course musically nourished for your future as an educator and leader in the endlessly fulfilling world of music education.

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