In a technologically advanced world, and a rapidly changing one, how can citizens safeguard their rights and respect the beliefs of a diverse array of religions and cultures?

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All secondary trainees receive 2 hours of subject training per week, led by a highly experienced subject leader, who has a strong track-record of outstanding results in schools in the GORSE Academies Trust. The RE and Citizenship Subject Knowledge sessions seek to develop colleagues’ subject knowledge through a variety of methods. Sessions can be classroom based, exploring key ideas and concepts through presentations and lectures. We explore the pedagogy that underpins successful teaching in both RE and Citizenship and consider the ways in which we can best support students in developing their understanding in both subjects.

Trainees are given a wide range of additional and preparatory reading and tasks to complete prior to sessions to ensure that they are interactive and allow them to learn something new that will impact their classroom practice. There is a strong focus on ensuring the sessions are personalised and address the needs of the individual whilst also ensuring they key are as such as examination rubric are robustly covered.

We draw on the expertise of a wide range of experts in both RS and Citizenship, which allows us to provide bespoke training that meets the specific needs of trainees in a given year. For example, we have had sessions which focus on in-depth knowledge of the different traditions within Islam for the GCSE RS specification, as well as sessions on the delivery of active citizenship for GCSE Citizenship specifications.

With our connections to post-16 specialist providers such as Elliott Hudson College we are also able to provide subject knowledge development to A-level standard, including A-level Politics as well as A-level Religious Studies. We also seek to visit a variety of places of worship and other key places of interest such as the Holocaust Museum and law courts to hear from experts in the field and consider how we can use the information and experience within our own teaching of students.

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