As an important support to the process of applying to train to teach we recommend that you gain real life experience of teaching in one of our partner schools either before, during or after your application. Department for Education no longer have a minimum requirement of School Experience Programme days in order to apply for teacher training, however we do recommend that you attend a minimum of one days’ School Experience before submitting an application. Having school experience will not only strengthen your application but will also give you an idea of what teaching today is like and if it is the appropriate career path for you. Whilst taking part in a School Experience day, you are given multiple opportunities to liaise with qualified teachers that work at our schools as well as trainees that are currently on our programme. The possibility of attending more days can be discussed at the end of this initial day, when we will also answer any questions you may have regarding our programme.

How to apply

Whilst you are gaining this experience we will provide guidance to you regarding a successful application to Teacher Training. We have available dates on the School Experience Portal which is accessed via the DfE website.

To ensure a rapid response to arranging school experience with us it is a good idea as well as using the School Experience Portal to email us directly to If you contact us directly, bespoke arrangements can be made.

From SEP to employment

Dr Samantha Bullock- attended SEP in the Spring Term of 2015 and trained to be a Chemistry teacher with us in 2015-2016.

“I was extremely lucky when I visited The Morley Academy to partake in the School Experience Programme. I experienced unique activities such as a Harry Potter themed day, where I had the amazing opportunity to handle ‘fantastic beasts’ such as snakes, lizards and tarantulas. I was also in school on the day of the solar eclipse, this was an amazing experience that I got to share with the young people at the academy. I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Science lessons which consisted of pupils of mixed ages and abilities. This provided me with an invaluable insight into what teaching really is all about. Each and every one of these experiences came together to cement my passion to become a teacher. During my visits I met with many experienced professionals who explained to me what teaching involves on a day to day basis. I was also able to liaise with trainees who were on the programme at the time, and they gave me an idea of what I could expect in my training year. I have been very fortunate since leaving the programme to secure employment as a Teacher of Science at The Ruth Gorse Academy. I highly recommend accessing the School Experience Programme.”