Secondary Courses

All our secondary subject training involves 2 hours per week of engrossing training with a subject expert and practising teacher. We think this is necessary because, as a secondary or post-16 school teacher, you will provide a bridge between the simpler lives of pupils in primary school and the more complex world they find themselves in at secondary school. You will guide them in your subjects and with your pastoral care to understand the concepts more deeply and to provide them with the gift of choice as they take their important steps into the post-16 world of training and employment. For those of you involved in training in a post-16 setting you will directly influence the interests and outcomes of these young people as they take their next steps into higher education or training and employment.

Our Courses

Through the 2 hours of weekly subject training sessions, trainees are tutored by highly experienced GORSE subject leads who have track records of significant school improvement within their departments. Therefore, trainees learn from the very best people who are developing exceptional progress amongst disadvantaged students, high prior attainers and SEND students in their daily work. Trainees become highly competent and formidable practitioners in their subjects by induction, learning how to plan lessons and to incorporate the very best evidence-based practice. This includes formative and summative assessment strategies for identifying gaps in students’ knowledge alongside uncovering misconceptions. This allows trainees to deepen their exposure to the national curriculum and exam board specifications and because of this, work confidently in classes with students from keys stages 3 to 4 and in some cases, post-16 A-Level study.

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Business Studies


Computer Science

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MFL – French

MFL – Mandarin

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RE / Citizenship

Social Science

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