In the present circumstances of COVID we are unable to offer our School Experience Programme. We will be reviewing this consistently and we are devising virtual activities to provide a sense of life in our partner schools

What do SEP and SKE mean?



What is this?

This is a great opportunity to try before you apply!

Spending a day in one of our partner schools provides you with tremendous insight into what it is actually like to be a teacher. We cannot encourage you enough to do this so that you know what the life of a teacher is truly like and specifically what training with us would be like.

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What is this?

An SKE will allow you to improve the subject knowledge that you need and to begin exploring how to deliver the teaching around your chosen subject.

They are useful for both applicants teaching outside of their degree subject and those simply needing a top up or catch up to existing knowledge.

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How to apply to our School Experience Programme

Should you require any help at all to organise a School Experience Day in any of our partner schools please phone or email Martine so that she can talk you through the process or make bespoke arrangements.

  • Our partner schools have available dates on the School Experience Portal. You need to search for one of our partners, you can view a full list here.
  • To ensure a rapid response to arranging school experience with us it is a good idea, as well as using the School Experience Portal, to contact Martine. If you contact us directly, bespoke arrangements can be made.

During your day…

We will ensure that as well as being in the classroom you meet colleagues that have graduated from our programme and current trainees.
Whilst you are gaining this experience we will provide guidance to you regarding a successful application to Teacher Training.

Should you choose to apply to GORSE SCITT we are happy to offer further days of School Experience.

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School Experience Portal
Contact Martine
School Experience Portal

The Benefits of SEP

Dr Samantha Bullock – A Case Study

“I was extremely lucky when I visited The Morley Academy to partake in the School Experience Programme. I experienced unique activities such as a Harry Potter themed day, where I had the amazing opportunity to handle ‘fantastic beasts’ such as snakes, lizards and tarantulas. I was also in school on the day of the solar eclipse, this was an amazing experience that I got to share with the young people at the academy.

I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Science lessons which consisted of pupils of mixed ages and abilities. This provided me with an invaluable insight into what teaching really is all about. Each and every one of these experiences came together to cement my passion to become a teacher. During my visits I met with many experienced professionals who explained to me what teaching involves on a day to day basis.

I was also able to liaise with trainees who were on the programme at the time, and they gave me an idea of what I could expect in my training year. I have been very fortunate since leaving the programme to secure employment as a Teacher of Science at The Ruth Gorse Academy.

I highly recommend accessing the School Experience Programme and contacting GORSE SCITT directly in order to find out what teaching is like and how to make a strong application.”

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Subject Knowledge Enhancement

What can I do an SKE in?

There are Subject Knowledge Enhancement programmes for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, English, Design Technology, RE and Modern Foreign Languages which allow you to improve the subject knowledge that you need and to begin exploring how to deliver the teaching around these subjects.

Not studied for a while?

No problem!

These are especially useful when you have not studied your subject for a while, or you are seeking to teach beyond your subject area. There are 8, 16 and 28 week versions of most of these programmes and they all attract a £200/week bursary.

Applying to GORSE SCITT?

If you are applying for a teacher training place on the GORSE SCITT programme and we all decide an SKE is right for you, we will make this a condition as part of your offer and refer you to Sam Snowden who will support you through the very straightforward application process for one of our own SKEs.

Our SKEs are also available to suitable external candidates who have been directed to a SKE as a condition by their provider

How do I apply for an SKE?


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