‘At some point during 2015 I made the decision to change my career and my life.  I was the director of my own, moderately successful, company but felt restless and unfulfilled.  My youngest child was about to embark upon university life and my role as a parent was changing alongside my desire to be independent and self-employed.  During this time of change I chose to investigate the possibility of becoming a secondary school teacher.  As they say, the rest is history.


I am now an NQT English teacher and have travelled a challenging and life-changing journey since 2015.  I trained with The Gorse SCITT and successfully gained my QTS, PGCE, many friends and a new career, at a world class school, as a teacher.


Recently I was asked, by The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) to share my experiences with other people who are asking themselves the same questions I asked myself during 2015 and I have agreed.  I am about to embark on a new journey, one which is both exciting and daunting.  In addition to teaching I will be travelling around England to share my experiences at various universities, a stadium, a museum, and even The Congress Centre in London. Three years ago I would not have dreamed these experiences could be a part of my life; I am a very ordinary 46-year old, living an extra-ordinary life.  My new role will allow me to share my experience of training with The Gorse SCITT with other people around the country, it will allow me to encourage other people to take that huge leap of faith and, most of all, it will allow me to apply my new confidence and knowledge to yet another challenge.’

If you would like to emulate Natalie and join the challenging, rewarding and vital profession of teaching, apply to GORSE SCITT to train on our outstanding programme.