SKE Lead

Andrew O’Hara

I have been the subject lead for Computer Science at GORSE SCITT for over four years taking responsibility for teaching the SKE and meeting with the Computer Science trainees on a weekly basis to support their subject knowledge building. I am currently teaching Computer Science at Elliott Hudson College where I support over 100 students. I have also taught a range of courses over my last 15 years of teaching across all key stages, including:

KS3 – National curriculum (ICT/Computer Science)

KS4 – GCSE ICT, GCSE Computer Science

KS5 – Applied ICT, A-Level Computer Science, A-Level IT

I have gained an in-depth knowledge of what is expected at each level of the study for Computer Science, and I am well equipped to support you throughout the SKE. Elliott Hudson College is an outstanding provider for post 16 education and consistently achieves results which places them above the national average.

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Programme Structure

The SKE will introduce the teaching content of Computer Science at key stage 3 and key stage 4. You will complete the work across 8 topics and gain experience in the areas such as programming, the functions of the CPU, networks, and operating systems. Each topic area will require 25 hours of study to complete.

Delivery and Assessment

Each of the 8 topics will consist of:

  • A self-evaluation of your knowledge for that topic
  • A detailed multiple-choice quiz to benchmark your understanding of the topic
  • An in-depth study of the required knowledge
  • A range of self-marked exam questions
  • A set of self-marking programming challenges
  • A mentor session covering common misconceptions from the topic

You will complete two formal assessments during the course, both of which will be 90 minutes long. The first one will be after four weeks of study, and the final in the eight week. Both these assessments will be in the style of GCSE exam papers.

“ I really liked working within my own time frames and feel the SKE contributed to me being a better teacher. ”


Modules of Study (include a brief overview of 4-6 modules- what phase of education, how many learning hours? What key areas of the curriculum are covered?)

You will complete the work across 8 topics and gain experience in the following areas of study:

  • CPU Architecture and Performance
  • Embedded Systems
  • Primary and Secondary Storage
  • Units of Measurement and Data Types
  • Operating Systems and Utility Software
  • Compression
  • Defensive Design and Testing
  • Boolean Logic
  • Translators (Interpreters and Compilers)
  • Ethical, Legal, Cultural and Environmental Impacts
  • Programming Fundamentals including Reading and Writing Algorithms
  • Searching and Sorting Algorithms
  • Coding in Python / C#
  • Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
  • Networking and Threats

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