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Michael Cornfoot

I have always been an incredibly passionate geographer, from studying my first world map as a five-year-old to becoming a Geography graduate and subsequently a teacher of Geography. I have an entrenched fascination in the world; our regions, continents and countries and this has fuelled my desire to travel and experience so many of our world’s most enthralling and awe-inspiring places. Imparting some of this knowledge and inspiring the next generation of geographers and geography teachers is why I love my job. I studied a joint honours degree in Geography and History at Worcester University before completing my PGCE at Leeds University in 2005-06. My formative teaching years were spent at Morley High School where I learnt my craft as an early career teacher.

As the school’s International Dimension Coordinator, I was able to facilitate opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to travel to some amazing places including Austria, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Iceland, New York and Bridlington; providing students with opportunities to experience Geography outside of the classroom is at the heart of my ethos as a Geography teacher. By the late 2000s I became the Head of the Geography department where I learnt quickly the leadership skills required to lead a team of people before successfully transitioning onto the school’s senior leadership team. Having worked on Senior Leadership Teams across several academies and phases throughout the GORSE Academies Trust, I am now a GORSE Partnership Director, as well as being the trust’s subject lead for Geography and the Subject Knowledge Mentor for the GORSE SCITT Geography programme.

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Programme Structure

  • What is Geography?
  • Exploration of the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for KS1-KS4.
  • An introduction to map skills at a range of scales.
  • Teaching of the physical, human and environmental world.
  • Interpreting and deciphering commands words such as describe, explain, infer, analyse, evaluate.
  • Reading strategies to ensure all pupils can access the curriculum.
  • Using imagery to stimulate questions and geographical thinking skills.
  • Understanding the impact of population growth both globally, nationally and locally.
  • Preparing to teach about climate change and the importance of impartiality.
  • Approaching fieldwork.
  • Geographical decision making and evaluating the impact of decisions on different stakeholders.
  • GCSE specifications, assessment objectives and examination rubric.

Delivery and Assessment

Most of the learning is completed independently; you will be guided to create high quality resources by your subject lead. Subject leads are experts in their field and have an up to date working knowledge of both the National Curriculum and the exam rubric for GCSE and A-level examinations. Following each assessment, you will receive high quality feedback identifying your areas of strength and the next steps that you can take to improve.

  • Regular opportunities to engage in virtual tutorials
  • Independent study
  • Weekly assessments tasks which assess your progress ranging from lesson planning, responding to examination questions, preparing learning resources and writing short essay reflections

“ I really valued the regular feedback allowing me to know where I could improve and where I was already strong, this helped me develop as a teacher. ”


Eight weeks Course Modules

  • Module 1 – What is Geography and the National Curriculum programmes of study
  • Module 2 – An introduction to map skills at a range of scales
  • Module 3 – The interconnectedness of the physical, human and environmental world
  • Module 4 – Geographical command words and reading strategies
  • Module 5 – Using imagery and audio/visual to stimulate questions and geographical thinking skills
  • Module 6 – Population Growth and Climate Change

Twelve weeks Course Modules (Including all modules covered in the eight weeks)

  • Module 7 – Fieldwork
  • Module 8 – Geographical Decision Making
  • Module 9 – GCSE Specifications, assessment objectives and examination rubric

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