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Cat Goodwin

As a teacher of Mathematics it is a subject that I am incredibly passionate about, I love breaking down barriers, building confidence and watching my students succeed. Being the subject lead for the Mathematics SKE is a joy as it enables me to shape the next generation of teachers.

I began teaching in 2015 at The Morley Academy in Leeds, in September 2017 I took on the role of Assistant Leader of Mathematics with a responsibility for data and tracking. Following this I moved to Kettlethorpe High School in September 2018 as a Lead Teacher, during my time at Kettlethorpe I led a whole school staff Coaching programme. I returned to The Morley Academy in September 2020 as an Advanced Skilled Teacher (designate), I became a certified Advanced Skills Teacher in June 2010 and Director of Mathematics in September 2010. I ran, an incredibly successful department until September 2019. In October 2019 I became SCITT Professional Mentor at The Morley Academy. Being able to work with, coach and develop, trainee teachers is an honour and a role I thoroughly enjoyed. From January 2022 I was seconded to the GORSE SCITT as a Consultant Director and moved to a permanent position at GORSE SCITT in September 2022. I am both a Link Tutor and the Subject Lead for Mathematics the impact of this is that should you undertake an SKE with me, and join GORSE SCITT, I will be with you for your entire training journey. The Morley Academy consistently performs in the top 3 schools across Leeds and within the top 125 schools in the country.

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Programme Structure

The SKE for Maths consists of a core 8-week module which covers elements of key stages three and four and consists of the following units (200 hours, 8-week SKE):

  • Unit 1: Introduction and Geometry 1
  • Unit 2: Algebra
  • Unit 3: Number
  • Unit 4: Geometry 2
  • Unit 5: Statistics and Probability
  • Unit 6: Ratio and Proportion
  • Unit 7: Algebra 2
  • Unit 8: Number 2

Participants can then select from the following optional modules, all of which are 100 hours, 4-weeks:

  • Module 1: GCSE Mathematics
  • Module 2: Primary Mathematics
  • Module 3: GCSE Statistics
  • Module 4: Additional Mathematics
  • Module 5: An Introduction to A-level Mathematics

Delivery and Assessment

Most of the learning is completed independently; you will be guided to create high quality resources by your subject lead. Subject leads are experts in their field and have an up to date working knowledge of both the National Curriculum and the exam rubric for GCSE and A-level examinations. Following each assessment you will receive high quality feedback identifying your areas of strength and the next steps that you can take to improve.

The course is designed to enable you to work at your own pace and weekly assessments allow you to demonstrate your progress. Most assessments take around 30 minutes however some, key assessments, can take up to 1 hour 30 minutes.

“ My tutor was amazingly supportive and ready to help in my development in whatever way I needed. Not only is she a fantastic mathematician, she is awesome at pastoral care. ”


Module 1: GCSE Mathematics

This covers an array of Higher tier GCSE topics such as vector proofs, circle theorems and finding the nth term of quadratic sequences. Completion of this unit will ensure that you are fully equipped for the key stage 4 mathematics lessons.

Module 2: Primary Mathematics

This unit gives an overview of key areas of the Primary National Curriculum, there is a focus on the four operations, how to teach ratio and the use of manipulatives to develop understanding of key mathematical ideas. This module gives participants an insight into the student’s journey to Year 7.

Module 3: GCSE Statistics

Many schools offer GCSE Statistics as either an option subject or a GCSE course to be studied alongside GCSE Mathematics therefore a working knowledge of the Statistics course is a desirable skill for maths teachers. This module looks at methods for collecting data, processing, representing, and analysing data and probability.

Module 4: Additional Mathematics

Additional Mathematics is often studied by the most able mathematicians, as an extra qualification, in Year 11. This course looks at the OCR Additional Mathematics qualification which is a free-standing unit of A-level standard and bridges the gap between GCSE and the full A-level. Within the module we look at some elements of advanced trigonometry, exponentials, logarithms, and numerical methods for solving equations.

Module 5: An Introduction to A-level Mathematics

This is a key stage 5 module, which looks at some of the core elements of the A-level specification. Topics covered are exponential and logarithms, trigonometry, differentiation and integration.

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