Social Science

“Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Carl Jung

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Social Sciences training will involve some post-16 teaching. All secondary trainees receive 2 hours of subject training per week, led by two highly experienced subject leaders, who have a strong track-record of outstanding results in schools in the GORSE Academies Trust. Over the course of the year as a social science trainee, you will learn the key principles within each domain that underpin human behaviour and societal workings. From classical psychologists in the work of Freud and Pavlov to the sociological theories delivered by Marx and Durkheim you will become a specialist in all realms in order to deliver these famous subject traditions in your teaching. Not only will you learn the substantive knowledge within the disciplines and deliver this core content in your lessons, but you will also strengthen your disciplinary knowledge on the methodological workings of the subjects and how they have shaped and formed our understanding of society as we see it today. Consequently, by broadening this knowledge this can develop a passion and enthusiasm which drives you to learning more and becoming a subject expert. The weekly subject knowledge sessions will be delivered by social science specialists each week and include a range of different delivery methods such as lecture-based learning, modelling the delivery of lessons, activities and independent task work, presentations, role play and field work. Every session includes a 30-minute subject surgery whereby trainees can ask specific questions about content, lessons, skills, marking and any other areas which they find challenging and given guidance and support on this. Trainees are welcome on any of the trips that the placement schools are running for example, a trip to Leeds Beckett university for a psychology conference and are also encouraged to attend ‘culture week’ at one of the colleges to participate in a celebration of a multitude of cultures. There is also time to plan and conduct a school trip that would be of interest to the trainee and find out all of the workings and processes behind running this.

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