GORSE SCITT offers Trainees the opportunity to experience teaching in 3 contrasting placements. Alongside these core placements, we also offer the opportunity to attend: a SILC school (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre), our post 16 provision, a primary school, a school where English is an Additional Language and also our alternative provision. All of this provides invaluable experience that trainee teachers can take with them throughout their entire teaching career, starting in their NQT year. One of our fantastic English Trainees currently completing the training programme, Grace, discusses her initial experience whilst at two of her placements.

I was strangely nervous to receive the news on where I would be placed for my first term in schools, but I was fortunate enough to be placed at The Ruth Gorse Academy. As I’m only 23 myself, I was unsure on how the students would act around me, whether they’d take me seriously or try act as if I’m their friend. This was definitely my biggest concern. However, after a few days of being in classrooms and observing the students and staff, I fell in love with the school and their ethos. The students at TRGA were, and are, friendly, honest, idiosyncratic, outgoing and mainly a pleasure to be around. My fears of being a young, new teacher never passed my mind whilst teaching there. Prior to the Christmas holidays, I secured a job at TRGA after my love for it grew stronger towards the end of my placement. This, however, created a new nerve about switching schools in January!

January came and I was beyond gutted to have left my first placement school. I was then placed at Bruntcliffe Academy. Following my observation weeks, I was back teaching and getting to know my students. The students at BA were, and are, friendly, honest, idiosyncratic, outgoing and mainly a pleasure to be around. Just the same as those in TRGA. I was gutted to have left especially as my time there was cut short due to Covid-19.

At each of your placements with GORSE SCITT, you receive support directly from the school as well as our central team. Trainees are assigned a professional mentor alongside a mentor at the school who offer support and guidance on all aspects of your teaching. Grace offers her advice to those preparing for their initial placement.

My biggest advice for the new trainees would be ‘welcome each placement with open arms’. Every school is different, and you will fall in love with them for different reasons. Don’t let your good, or even bad, experiences hinder you from having an amazing and fulfilling time in a new school. A new placement is a fresh start and you should make the most of your time there from the word go! Your placement will be over in the blink of an eye and you don’t want to have any regrets.

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