Deputy Director of GORSE SCITT, Martyn Lawson, discusses what it’s like to see our Trainees become qualified teachers and seeing them teach full time in our alliance schools. Our experienced teachers and leaders play a key role in developing our trainee teachers, helping to guide them through the process whilst on placement and also through weekly Subject Knowledge training.

One of the great things about training to teach with GORSE SCITT is the close relationship the we have with our partner schools. At GORSE SCITT we work with fantastic partner schools and, over the years many of our alumni have been employed in these schools as NQT’s. It’s a wonderful feeling to walk into one of our school partners and know that you will meet old friends and colleagues from previous training cohorts and see them making a real impact and difference to the educational opportunities of the young people they teach. I often walk along the corridors of our partner schools and bump into three, four, or sometimes more former trainees who are now established and dedicated teachers. Some of these colleagues are also now acting as mentors to our new trainees on placement in their schools. What a fantastic opportunity for our trainees to be developed as teachers by experts who themselves have been trained by the same organisation. This is something we are extremely proud of being able to offer those joining our teacher training programme.  

Martyn Lawson
Deputy Director GORSE SCITT

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