From the UCAS application, to the successful enrolment to the programme, our fantastic Mathematics Trainee, Brian, talks you through how he went from applying to us on UCAS, to being a successful trainee enrolled onto the programme. Applicants can apply to three different providers on UCAS, where providers use this platform to notify candidates of interviews and conditional offers.

I made three applications through UCAS to three different providers, one of these applications was to GORSE SCITT. I was surprised to be contacted the next day with a request to amend the application as I had misinterpreted the codes on the website. Within 20 minutes of making the amendment, an invitation to interview was notified through UCAS.

If I can give some advice at this stage. If you have not been in school for a while, it may have changed a little since you were last there. Also if you’re going to train in a particular school or area, try to get a School Experience Day in that school or area. You get an opportunity to observe modern teaching, see the methods used and importantly assess whether you enjoy being in a school setting. It will also help you prepare for the more practical interview day that you will experience when being assessed for a place with a SCITT or even when you come to apply for your first job in teaching.

A Maths test, an English test, a question about safeguarding and another about issues within education. These were complimented with spending a lesson with a Year 10 class learning about branding in business, being “interviewed” by a class of students and then having an interview with two of the Directors of the programme. I honestly cannot remember how I received my offer from GORSE. I do know that I accepted it almost immediately.

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