For candidates who have not specifically studied their chosen subject at university level or not studied it for a long time, we offer a Subject Knowledge Enhancement course in a range of subjects. This is a useful online tool to enhance candidate’s knowledge to the level needed to be able to teach the subject.

I was provided with an 8 week course, through a Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme. A bursary was available during the study period payable in monthly instalments. I was provided with videos, supported by heavy textbooks, setting out the knowledge I needed to acquire. I was provided with video examples of how to teach the topics. Most importantly I was allocated a mentor who could answer questions, workload permitting, about any aspect of Maths I did not immediately grasp. I worked my way through the course logging all the tasks I completed, while meeting some of the other conditions of my offer.

Eventually in the latter stages of August, I received confirmation that all conditions had been met and I received my joining instructions for my Initial Teacher Training course. I would not have made it that far without the support of an excellent admin team at GORSE, but that was not the end of their support. I was focussed on the fact that I was going to be a teacher. Just the small matter of 3 placements, 2 university assignments and a lot of development stood between me and that dream of being a teacher.

Brian, Mathematics Trainee

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