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Trainee Experiences

“I trained as a primary colleague with the GORSE SCITT in 2019/20 and it was an incredible way to start my teaching career” – Joseph Dedashty


Primary Alumni 

I trained as a primary colleague with the GORSE SCITT in 2019/20 and it was an incredible way to start my teaching career. As a primary teacher, you get to build and develop strong relationships with your pupils, as well as explore a variety of subjects and topics throughout the year. My personal highlight is seeing the strengths of all my pupils across an array of subjects. Training with GORSE SCITT was an amazing experience! You receive enormous amounts of support and guidance from your mentor, subject lead and all staff associated with the programme. We had access to regular CPD sessions, mentor meetings, Central Training sessions and numerous events, all aimed at providing us with the best stepping-stones to develop our practice. I would recommend the SCITT to anyone who is interested in teaching, as the amount of in-school placement time, access to high quality resources and PGCE programme is outstanding. Since qualifying, I have been lucky enough to be appointed as a Year 5 teacher at Hillcrest Academy. I am just over half a term in and absolutely loving my job. The pupils are amazing, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings.     

Joseph Dehdashty 
Hillcrest Academy – Primary Phase

From the vast unknown to the ultra-commonplace, Science is everything in our existence. Science is all around us, and I believe there is something for every student to discover- it is our duty as teachers to help them find it!    

As a trainee with the GORSE SCITT, I was able to experience life as a teacher while being fully supported by outstanding mentors as well as subject knowledge and pedagogy leads. The training made me feel confident in becoming a successful ECT, and I was able to hit the ground running in my dream school.    

Knowing you are truly making a difference is the best thing about working with young people in a school. Challenging students to become the best version of themselves, helping them to unlock their potential, and supporting them in achieving their academic and personal goals – no matter how bold the dream, is a career like no other.    

I feel I have already achieved so much as a qualified teacher! I have been interviewed live on BBC Radio Leeds, where I spoke about my experiences of teaching and encouraged others to pursue this rewarding career. I also attended the ‘Get Into Teaching: Question Time Leeds’ event, where I gave a speech on ‘Being a Teacher’ and participated in a forum as a lead panellist. Since this event, I have been recruited to be a ‘Case Study Teacher’ for the Department for Education’s ‘Get Into Teaching’ campaign. 

Rachel Shaw 

The Farnley Academy – Secondary Phase

I have been teaching mathematics at Elliott Hudson College since September 2021 having completed a successful placement there during my training year.  At times in that year, I felt overwhelmed by the responsibility and the position I was putting myself in – why was I doing this to myself?! However, the support from my host teachers, my mentors and my subject leaders put me at ease and they were willing to give time to helping me.  They are willing to delegate to you when you feel ready and give you the most complete experience that they can. Now I’m a full-time teacher and I come away each day knowing I’ve made a difference to someone – whether it’s the further maths student to whom I gave ten minutes of my time to help them with some homework they were stuck on or the tutorial student who was getting increasingly anxious about their university applications. Some days are harder than others, with lessons not going to plan, but each set back makes you come back better and wiser for the experience. The SCITT are always supportive and will drive you to be your very best.    

Patrick Green

Elliott Hudson College 

Enhancement Days at GORSE SCITT

At GORSE SCITT, we strive to offer as much additionality to our outstanding course in order to provide a varied and engaging experience for our trainees.

As part of the GORSE Academies Trust, GORSE SCITT has the opportunity to take advantage of the enhancement opportunities within the Trust. All trainees have the opportunity to spend time at The Stephen Longfellow Academy which provides an exceptional alternative provision, in terms of both curriculum and therapy, for students aged 5 to 16 in the South Leeds region and surrounding areas.

This year, our trainees have been visiting The Stephen Longfellow Academy to observe best practice, meet colleagues, and gain a deeper understanding of how The Stephen Longfellow Academy ensures the best opportunities and outcomes for all students.


Jake, a current PE trainee attended a recent enhancement day, and this is what he had to say about it:

“My enhancement day with the team at The Stephen Longfellow Academy was nothing short of phenomenal! From how the school days run, the attitudes and skills of staff members to the clear progression of students every lesson through a unique and personalised style of teaching.

It has given me a number of ideas on what I could do in a mainstream setting, and I can’t speak any more highly of Tom and the team at TSLA.”

Visit our events page to find out how you can find out more about the schools we work with both within the trust and in the wider communities.

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