At the heart of GORSE SCITT lies the safety, happiness and progress of the young people that we teach. Trainees joining the profession must hold these values dear and support the ethos and values that permeate our work.

Values and Ethos
Trainees joining the SCITT must support its ethos that every student, regardless of background, deserves the best possible education and has the potential to excel. GORSE SCITT places no limitations on the potential of any individual.

Unified Vision
Excellent teachers and dedicated trainees should hold a unified vision of securing the best possible outcomes for all students in their joint care, and work to achieve outstanding progress for all involved.

Willingness to Learn
It is the intention of the GORSE SCITT to ensure that experienced teachers and trainees become indistinguishable. Teaching and learning are exemplary across all of our schools, and we expect this to be reflected in trainees.

Enthusiasm for Teaching
Trainees should hold an enthusiasm for teaching that permeates through everything they do. It is hoped that host teachers and mentors will benefit from working with a colleague who brings new and innovative ideas to the learning environment, and that in return trainees will benefit from working with an experienced professional.

Excellence is modelled and supported across the trust and, inevitably, this requires professionalism from trainees at all times. A teacher should be a role model in all that they do, both inside the classroom and out of it; the behaviour of a trainee is paramount in showing students how to act and conduct themselves as they prepare for the next stage in their education or career.

Teachers’ Standards Part Two
Part Two of the Teachers’ Standards outline the Department for Education’s expectations of teachers, and trainees will be asked to reflect on them and their importance throughout the training year, creating a narrative of their own professionalism.