School – Centred Approach
We firmly believe that the school-centred approach is the most effective way to becoming an excellent practitioner.
Observing, reflecting on and discussing the practice of outstanding teachers results in educational benefits for all involved: the trainee, the teacher, and, most importantly, the students.
The students, their safety and their progress remain paramount in everything that we do.
Nonetheless, in order to ensure that our trainees promote high expectations and levels of progress, we take training sessions incredibly seriously.
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High Quality Training Opportunities

  • The programme with GORSE SCITT includes a wide range of high quality training opportunities.
  • We host weekly training sessions, where our cohort comes together as a cohort for sessions in professional practice, such as:
    • Behaviour Management
    • Lesson Planning
    • Special Educational Needs
    • All aspects of Pedagogy needed to prepare for a career in teaching
  • These General Education Sessions allow you to:
    • Become familiar with the necessities of a classroom.
    • Keep abreast of current developments and trends in education.
    • Learn from experts in their chosen fields.
  • These sessions will take various forms and will encourage you to reflect critically on your own practice.

What? So What? Now What?
The mantra of ‘What? So what? Now what?’ was originally devised by G Rolfe, D Freshwater and M Jasper in 2001.
It permeates all of our training, as we seek to ask:

  • What have you taken or learnt from the session?
  • So what is the effect of that new knowledge or understanding?
  • And now what are you going to do to use this in your own teaching and professional practice?

Links to University
We will tailor General Education Sessions to support you with the completion of your university assignments.
Sessions will be delivered by expert and reflective practitioners from our partner schools, as well as drawing upon expert input from our university partner.
You will be provided with the planned programme of activities at the start of the course.