Our Primary programme here at GORSE SCITT instils community, personalisation and progression for all our trainees. We have built and developed a successful primary programme which allows our trainee teachers to flourish into successful primary practitioners, changing the lives of pupils every day. The Director of primary at GORSE SCITT reflects on our current cohorts progress this year and what we offer those who are wanting to get into primary teaching.   

“Each of us has something to learn from others and something to teach in return.”

Our values and ethos here at GORSE SCITT are celebrated with our trainee teachers. We believe our primary trainees are equipped with the necessary skills to become successful NQT’s, leading practitioners and influential leaders.

Regular communication with our trainees is an essential part of our programme. Whilst this is done remotely at this moment in time – it is still our number one priority.

Working alongside highly experienced practitioners in our Trust and partner schools, our primary trainees are provided with on-going support from their host teachers, professional mentors and through personalised subject specific training.

Trainees have quickly learnt how to plan and teach effective lessons. They’re able to adopt and amend teaching strategies and styles in order to successfully apply these skills across their placements.

At GORSE SCITT, we believe developing a culture of reflective practice builds a strong foundation for continuously improving teaching and learning. Trainees are encouraged to act and reflect upon the regular feedback they receive, in order to decide targets and crucial next steps.

We are particularly proud of the many achievements our trainees have collectively achieved so far – beginning with our very first session on team building in the primary training classroom.

Individually, they have all showcased dedication, strength and passion towards the teaching profession. Together, they have all succeeded in building life-long friendships.

Shamsa Mahmood
Director of Primary at GORSE SCITT

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