GORSE SCITT offers both Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). As well as both of these qualifications, we are also proud to work in partnership with Leeds Museums and Galleries, where we are able to offer our Trainees trips out, organised by us at our local heritage sites and galleries.


In your training year with us, you will experience three contrasting placements at our partner schools, these are organised by us and you can let us know your preferred placement school on your UCAS application (there is a section on there to input a campus code). At these schools, Trainees have the invaluable support from our central team, Mentors and Professional Mentors, these are key to helping you progress in the classroom and in your development of becoming a qualified teacher. As well as these core placements, we also offer the opportunity to attend: a SILC school (Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre), our post 16 provision, a primary school, a school where English is an Additional Language and also our alternative provision. We are extremely proud to be able to offer these opportunities to our Trainees and give them such valuable experience that they are able to carry with them through their teaching career.

In terms of training, we offer weekly General Educational Sessions where you will learn about an array of engaging and important topics, led by our senior central team. Alongside these sessions we also offer Subject Knowledge sessions where Trainees and their subject cohort have training in their subject areas with their designated experienced teaching lead. Both these sessions are paramount to developing as a teacher in and out of the classroom.


The PGCE element of our programme is provided by University of Sunderland and is equivalent to sixty Masters level credits. The PGCE team at University of Sunderland provide the necessary academia at our central premises in Leeds and also set assignments to complete virtually via their online portal.

Partnering with Leeds Museums and Galleries:

Through our work with Leeds Museums and Galleries, we are fortunate in being able to offer our Trainees a day out per term, organised by us. These include talks and sessions at Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds Discovery Centre, Leeds Art Gallery, Lotherton Hall and Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills. Our Trainees have thoroughly enjoyed their experiences here, provided by the educational team at these sites; where they gain contextual experience in the importance of object handling and also outside of the classroom experience for when teaching their own students.

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