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Why Choose Us?

Great system leaders of the next decade will be great because of the quality of their teacher training.

GORSE SCITT is viewed by government and by Ofsted as being a remarkable place to train to become a teacher. As a trainee teacher you will be known to us and truly valued as a fellow professional.

I guarantee that the year will be tough and that there will be days which you will be glad to see coming to an end. But our support for you will be unconditional and expert, preparing you for a great career as a brilliant teacher.

Sir John Townsley CEO of The Gorse Academies Trust  


What Ofsted Said

‘The quality of training and mentoring across the partnership is outstanding because it is led by highly expert leaders, subject leaders and teachers from outstanding urban schools.’ 

‘Trainees develop their skills and knowledge rapidly and securely because they learn methods that are used consistently by host teachers and mentors across the partnership. This enables trainees to successfully apply and hone their skills across contrasting school placements.’ 

OFSTED – 2018

Read the full report here: Full OFSTED Report


With opportunities to train in locations across Leeds, Bradford, Hull and the East Yorkshire coast, GORSE SCITT offers a wide choice of courses in both the primary and secondary phases.  

Training with GORSE SCITT will give you a high-quality learning experience within the diverse, rich, and stimulating professional learning communities of our partnerships. We aim to empower and inspire our trainees to become teachers who will meet the needs of all learners in all contexts. The GORSE SCITT programme forms the first steps of a teacher’s professional learning and will provide you with the opportunity to learn from both academic research and the classroom. You will work alongside expert class teacher mentors in partner schools, each of whom is trained and committed to supporting trainee teachers. 

We have created a distinctive programme of Initial Teacher Training that is school centred. Graded an Outstanding provider (Ofsted 2017) in all aspects of our work, GORSE SCITT and our partner schools have extensive experience of leading Initial Teacher Training.  

The Curriculum

We believe that all learners, regardless of background, should be enabled by those who teach them to make progress academically and find happiness in their lives. This philosophy applies to all learners of all ages, including our trainee teachers. We believe that in the enabling of progress for others, we make progress ourselves. The Curriculum of our training programme is tailor-made to meet the learning needs of trainee teachers working with us and is underpinned by the ITT Core Content Framework ITT Core Content Framework (publishing.service.gov.uk

From the first day on placement, trainees will be in the classroom as part of an established teaching team in a school. Training is carefully designed to support trainees to achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Our training is delivered by both experts in placement schools and by SCITT staff and guest trainers, themselves expert school practitioners. On successful completion of the programme, trainees will be recommended for Qualified Teacher Status by GORSE SCITT.  

All our trainees carry a copy of our curriculum with them. It is the heart of what we do. Click here to learn more about how our curriculum runs through your training year. 

Ensuring our trainees develop a wealth of subject knowledge and pedagogy is a key goal of GORSE SCITT. As well as following our core GORSE SCITT Curriculum, we employ expert teachers from our trust and partner schools who will deliver weekly subject knowledge and pedagogy sessions during the training year.


Excellent employment opportunities become available both during the training year and following completion of the course. The vast majority of our trainees secure employment for the following academic year whilst trainingIn a typical year, over 75% of our trainees become colleagues within our training schools. Through a series of employment workshops, which include presentations from headteachers and recruitment agencies, we ensure all of our trainees are supported in finding careers upon graduation. We also have our own employment officer who works closely with trainees to help them seek opportunities and prepare for interviews. 


There are many layers of support for trainees while on our programme. Within school all trainees have their own subject mentor who they will work with closely and have weekly meetings with to discuss progress and wellbeing. The next layer of support is the Professional Mentor – this is a member of staff based in each of our placement schools whose role is dedicated to overseeing the progress and wellbeing of all trainees on placement there. Further to this, is the Subject Lead – as described previously, the Subject Lead is there to support the development of subject knowledge and pedagogy. We also have the SCITT Central Team who oversee the course and are always there, whatever the need is. Finally, we work with a number of national organisations who trainees have access to throughout the course.

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