The GORSE SCITT recognises the importance of the training you will undertake as part of our programme. We take you out of the classroom for two afternoons a week in order to give you training sessions on every aspect of Teaching and Learning, to prepare you for the professional practice you will need. These sessions see the full cohort coming together and are therefore an opportunity for you to meet up with your peers. To ensure that this training is the best it can be, it is delivered by expert practitioners from the partner schools. We host these sessions in our bespoke facilities, thus further elevating the experience of the training. Here is an overview of our training facilities.

The Flexible Learning Centre

The Flexible Learning Centre is a new training facility located at The Morley Academy. It has been designed specifically to accommodate for our training sessions. It has a range of features which help enhance the experience you will encounter, such as laptops and multiple projectors which allow for group presentations. Two walls have a ‘write on’ finish which is an extremely useful and productive way to share ideas during a training session. The Flexible Learning Centre also has a new IT suite which offers a more diverse training experience.

The Auditorium

The auditorium is our training facility based at The Farnley Academy. It offers the opportunity for both cabaret and lecture style training sessions.

The Classroom

Hillcrest Academy Training room

We use this for seminar type training of Primary colleagues.